Welcome to the Intelligent Diabetes Management project of the University of Alberta. Currently we are encouraging people with type 1 diabetes within Canada to use our system.

Intelligent Diabetes Management (IDM) is a cross-platform mobile application envisioned to encourage users who live with diabetes to regularly monitor their blood glucose, food intake, insulin doses and physical activity. The IDM smartphone app works as either a monitoring system (IDM Tracker) or as bolus calculator (IDM Bolus). Both allow the user to record their diabetes diary information, to visualize the glucose readings in an easy-to-interpret fashion, and provide summary pattern information. IDM Bolus also calculates the recommended insulin dose based on the patient's settings and current input.

This IDM website, which syncs with the smartphone app, is designed to help diabetic patients, by making it easy to collect and interpret their daily diary. You can then use this information to see patterns and be able to adjust your diabetes regimen. The only “cost” of using this system, is that you allow us to look at this data, which we hope will allow us to create a smarter app that can advise people how better to manage their diabetes on an on-going basis.

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If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to hear from you; so please contact us at this address: